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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Northfield Mtn: Red


1. Bad map reading
Ran on the upper side of the plants near the start - stupid.
4. Bad map reading
Did not notice trail continuing - ran along the power lines instead.
5. Along the water features (brook/marsh). I think that was a good idea.
7. +00:30Contoured to trail, took trail down 30m before changing my mind, back up around the bend and to the marsh and cut across cliffs. Stayed on the small trail a bit too long.
8. Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Tried to follow the brook down - confused by other rocks that were not mapped.
9. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Got horribly lost - map corrections could have been clearer. Luckily, Richard came along. :)
10. With Richard.
11. Richard went left, I went right, he beat me to the control by a couple of seconds.
12. Richard went diagonally, I went straight down to the road. Turned out to be about the same.
13. Again, Richard went left and I went right. I gained 30 meters on him as he passed the path by mistake and had to come back.
F. Sprint!

Total Time Lost - 00:11:45

Split Analysis

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