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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Northfield Mtn: Red


2. 90 degree error from control 1, heading SE to the road. Eventually got on the little trail leading to number 2.
5. Aimed off a little to the left to use the marsh and contours as a catching feature. But revised the plan when the control loomed dead ahead!
6. +55:00Expected to find an attack point when crossing the stream, but visibility and features were not helpful and I went up toward the control anyway. Followed a likely looking line of ledges with negative result. Tried another parallel line of ledges, failed. Repeated one more time. Bailed out to the east, and was surprised to meet a well-defined track less than 100m from the last well-defined ledge. Following the track south, it began to curve SE similar to the mapped track. As the track was leading away from the control, I headed SW hoping to get my bearings at the cliff tops. If I had found the fence, faint track, or cliff tops I would have been OK, but instead the downslope became southwesterly, and I was somewhere near the mess of parallel rows of ledges again. Made one more guess at the correct row and failed again. Bailed out west and found the stream, but heading north was unable to identify an attack point along it. Reached the road, went up it (SE) to the bend, and attacked successfully from there.

In retrospect, my analysis is that I was too hasty and screwed up by misjudging the difficulty of the area. But also I'm very suspicious of the map in several locations where I should have been able to match the map with the terrain.

8. +00:40Nice trotting downhill to the road. But on reaching the road was unsure where I was so just ran downhill and approached from the west.
9. Planned to go straight, but drifted left and reached the road before getting on the trail. Attacked from bend in trail.
11. +02:00Upon reaching the trail it took me a minute before I knew where I was. Then compass and pace count left me a little high in relation to the control.
12. Arriving in the circle, I stood on top of a knoll that matched the control description, but saw nothing. Janet Tryson had passed by and was no longer in sight. Came down and explored a bit, and there was the control, less then 10m from the higher knoll, blocked by a tree!

Total Time Lost - 00:57:40

Split Analysis

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