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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Northfield Mtn: Red


1. straight
2. went from the trail north, but dove into the woods at a random point. Overran the control, looking for a hill.
3. trail
4. followed power line then cut se. Emerged at trail junction. S to reentrant E of control. Over the ridge.
5. Used marsh to E of control as catching feature. Saw Sven.
6. Ugh. Tried to use hills on parallel line to N of straight line. Really thick, got disoriented without a clear plan. Ended up finding a trail to the E and running it N to the stream, pace counting back and going W. Lucky to find the control.
7. Used the trail I stumbled across on the way to 6. It went N to just S of the trail bend. Went N, and climbed first set of cliffs in a crevice. Into woods from trail junction. Saw Scott Turner and overshot the control. Picked it up on the way back.
8. Blast NNW with intent of using trail/stream as catching feature. Ended up at trail close to junction, so ran the trail to the W.
9. To avoid unnecessary climb, used the trail in blue to the bend S of the control. I drifted west and found the boulder/cliff face to the west of the circle. Went E to the pair of rock faces in the circle. No control. Spent a couple minutes deciding that the control was missing or misplaced.
11. Ran the tiny trail to the N, then straight to the circle.
12. I really screwed this one up. Didn't notice the useful map correction - trail went almost to the control. Got completely disoriented.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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