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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Northfield Mtn: Red


1. Attack from trail bend. Easy.
2. Trail north of control. Attack just past "miscellaneous object."
3. +00:30Didn't read map. Went down left branch of trail and had to bushwhack. Right branch would have been trail all the way.
4. +04:00Took power line trail all the way around to the back of control. (Might not have been a bad choice, but very slow getting across power line to trail.) Then, I came in too low and wandered some before I climbed up to find it. (Definitely higher than on my map.)
5. +04:00Misread the map and thought there were reentrants on eitther side of the knoll. When I came in right and saw a spur going up to the right, thought it should go to knoll. Took me a while to figure it out; apparently circled around the knoll and relocated at marsh east to the east.
6. +02:00Went up reentrant north of one I wanted. When I came to the four cliffs, knew what happened and corrected.
7. Big trail to small trail up through the cliffs, and down. Spiked it. (My watch split for 6 and 7 was 18:57, which doesn't make sense. I surmise it should be 24:57, since at the finish, they had me 6 minutes slower than my watch. How does a watch lose 6 Minutes?)
8. Attacked from where the little loop trail came in. Spiked it, though dropping down to take the trail and back up might have been faster, and safer.
9. +10:00I'm pretty sure I went to the boulder circled on the map, but the flag was 50 meters further up the towards the clearing. I wandered a lot, went back to the trail to atack again, covered the same ground, finally found it on a boulder smaller than those Mikell usually maps.
10. +00:30Tired and frustrated, I sort of threw in the towel and moved slowly from here to the finish. Checked out the north-south cliff first and had to come back.
11. +10:00Lost it on this one. Ended up on the trail west of the control thinking I was on the trail east of the control. Finally figured it all out by going down trail 300 meters south of control to junction.
12. Took unmapped trail right to it.
13. SW to the trail
F. Not a good day in the woods!

Total Time Lost - 00:31:00

Split Analysis

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