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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Northfield Mtn: Red


1. across meadow, trail to sharp bend, up and in
2. opted for easy attackpoint going right to trail, up to bend and in. May have been quicker crossing power lines on trail left of line - hard to say
3. trail all the way...
4. +00:30small trail up to bend, cut across to major trail, left uphill on major trail, cut in at 2nd bend, got into index contour reentrant (middle of circle), description indicated shallow reentrant, went higher and found flag, I think it was higher than the middle of the circle
5. +00:50straight, aiming off left a bit (ridge/marsh catching feature) wound up aiming off too far left and climbing ridge to hill top
6. +01:00pretty much straight, climbing to top side of line of cliffs for better runnability - much greener than mapped, dropped down at the right place - big cliff, continued up to another big cliff (only one big one mapped) and hesitated, dropped into reentrant, decided I was good and climbed back up to find small cliff above 2nd big cliff -
7. straight to trail, cut kitty corner across bend, up to bend due S of control, across to small trail up cliffs, cut uphill just east of upper cliff - straight in
8. no really strong attackpoints going down hill, so opted to sacrifice climbing back up 2 lines to run hard and fast all the way down to trail around and then attack up hill from knoll - enjoyable running leg
9. +00:30down to big trail, up on small trail to small trail - up to sharp bend. wound up low in reentrant, corrected quickly
10. +00:15hesitated when I saw clearing to right - I never saw map correction depicting expanded open area
11. left of line, down to trail, attack from spur/trail bend. tentative going, wasn't seeing south end of stony ground where expected. Probably in the circle, but backtracked downhill a bit, then back up to stony ground - seemed more obvious from the bottom.
12. +00:25trail to junction, into reentrant with cliff, but junction much closer to reentrant than mapped, confused down in there (map funky) then figured out where knoll should be and hit it cleanly
13. +00:15down across trails/contours that didn't really seem right, hit large trail but immediately realized it was the farther trail (stream alongside) committed to this trail option now so memorized the turns and flew... Probably didn't lose too much time over a slightly more leisurely run on the nearer trail
F. flying..

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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