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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


1. Did not plan ahead
Started off to hard without careful reading of the map. Over shot the control.
2. Hesistated. Pulled up short for a moment. Edie already ahead of me.
3. Took what I thought was trail but edie who was to the right said he was on the trail so I don't know. Came up reentrant from the bottom.
6. Between the big cliffs to control. Edie was there but missed it. Sid catches me here.
7. +07:00See Randy as I am leaving. Run down trail to somewhere by 12 but don't see it. Cut over to stream and follow stream up. Randy went straight and is ahead of me. Got to low on final hill and end up floundering. Eventually hit 8. Run back to 7 and still have trouble.
8. Wyatt catches me.
9. Go around Marsh and hill. Hit Control same time as Wyatt who went straight.
10. +00:15Wyatt heads off in wrong direction. I start off and then have second thoughts thinking maybe we are at 10 and have skipped 9. I run back to control to verify where we are. Ignore Wyatt and run towards control. Wyatt cuts back over.
11. +00:30Ok to final area. Get on wrong spur because my map isn't oriented properly. Realize what I have done and see crown running down other spur.
12. +00:15Follow crowd up hill. Get to far to the rigtht and have to cut back.
13. Wyatt and I seem to be the only ones orienteering. Crowd which consist of at least Mihai and Boris are just running hard in a straight line. Wyatt and I make up group by going around the cliffs instead of over.
14. +00:15Trip and fall. Ouch.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:15

Split Analysis

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