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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


1. Hesitated
Very Slow after screw up 1st control yesterday
2. +00:20Edge of hill intending to go out to trail. Tried to cut corner of marsh and got all hung up and had to run back out of it.
3. Bad route choice
Should have gone around all the green to trail but didn't. Ran through green to trail. Trail through green.
4. Did not like map
Right, crossed stream. Hit trail running north south which I think may be unmapped or mismapped trail. Still don't know where it was. Thought it was the main trail. Crossed it but couldn't make sense of map. Eventually hit real trail. Saw stone wall. Eric Bone caught me here (he started 3 minutes behind me). Did not like the green mapping in the area.
5. +00:30Since I didn't like the green in the area of 4 I didn't trust it. I cut slightly right in what looked like good running. Initially it was but then ended. Fought my way back to high ground and by then Eric was long gone. As I approached control I spotted Eric running away. Triangulated my position and his and pegged the control.
6. Hesitated
After punching 5 I see Eddie heading to it. Up hill. Should have run harder to big marsh but was overly cautious and keep reading map.Eddie almost caught up to me.
7. +00:30Up spur and eventually cut right to trail. Eddie went farther left somewhere. Hit trail. northwest to stream. Cut in and am bushwacking when I see Sid go running by on small trail. DOAHHH!!!. cut to small trail. Couldn't read trail through green so cut off at first open cut area. Fought through green. Over to marsh. Along marsh to control but hesistated way to much. Eddie Shows up at control.
8. Over to trail. Trail to trail junction. Cut corner to ridge. Ran ridge trail to highground. Trail faded in and out and had extra climb. Better to go all the way over the hill and run along the base. Eddie shows up at the control again.
9. Bad map reading
Disturbed by others
Eddie heads off in wrong direction. I start up marsh then realize control is on spur. I see edie on edge of hill and figured he had it right all along. I head to high ground. Edie hesitates and I run down side of hill. DoaH we are on the wrong hill.
10. Really getting tired. Worried about cramping running through all the slash so taking it easy. Punch spectator control behind Edie and ahead of Brian May.
11. Not thinking clearly
Think about road but don't want to run out where the spectators are. Follow Edie and Brian up hill. By the time I get to the top they are long gone. Legs close to cramping so I figured I had better start slowing down in order to last the rest of the race.
12. Not thinking clearly
First cramp. Start walking now. James and Boris pass me at the control.
13. Not thinking clearly
Green has some nasty thorns. Cramp up trying to get out of it. Race is all over now.
14. Not thinking clearly
Moving very slow. Fear of more cramps.
15. Not thinking clearly
Major Cramps. Loose time just standing there trying not to pass out until muscles loosen up.
16. Not thinking clearly
F. Not thinking clearly
walking. Can't even jog in.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:30

Split Analysis

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