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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


2. +00:45Route a bit too far right, then stuck to road too long
4. +00:30Route on too many trails to right. More direct forest likely better
5. +02:00Attacked from wrong reentrant near hilltop and overshot 100m E
7. +02:00L of line to Jeep track, then to trail, then cut off trail and ended up too low in medium/dark green patches near swamp. Dragged Boris in here with me...
8. Straight, then jeep track to 100m past junction. Then nearly straight from there, avoiding some hills.
9. Through the green
10. +00:15A little hestiant, then decided spectators could see bag so ran harder toward them...
11. Contoured NW to road
12. +00:15Straight/right. Dropped a little too far
13. Straight. Green was hellish here (far worse than expected.) Legs dead tired after breaking out. I now expect around to R would have been faster, but that's not obvious on the map...
14. Along spur/ridge, then R of green.
16. Really weak by this point, even downhill/stability.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:45

Split Analysis

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