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Race Evaluation

OCIN/ROKS Flying Pig VII, Day 3 (Pig Short): Blue


1. Tried out some green. Decided against it for the future.
3. Saw Zhyk doing #10–#11. I was out of control for a while but located easily.
5. Could not put together a decent effort up the hill.
7. Saw Stanislav ahead and worked for this leg.
8. Worked this one as well as Gregory was cheering up near the last control.
10. Bad compass work
Left #9 in the wrong direction.
11. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Went the same way I went to #3 (and Zhyk went to #11). But fumbled before the control; stopped short, found the tree SSE, back to the spur ridgeline, down again to the correct tree.
12. My quads felt empty on the climb. This rarely happened recently—must have had something to do with yesterday's 3 hours of control pickup.
13. Went well but could feel that I was slowing down and not enthusiastic about the thing anymore.
14. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Another couple of fumbles: first, went through some third-green (0:10); then, could not attack the control from the field.
15. Started to also have some heart sensations. Decided to focus on finishing and not fumbling anymore, instead of keeping up the pace.
16. Not very fast.
F. Very conservative. Felt more heart.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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