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Race Evaluation

MVOC Flying Pig VII, Day 1 (Pig Sprint): Blue


3. Did not like map
Went on the trails on the right. There was no trail junction and the trail did not go through the mapped saddle. Ended up in the middle of the forbidden area—nothing of interest there.
5. Missed the pole by 30 m to the right (measured when picking controls). Saw the "power" wires and then the bag. Not a loss.
7. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Left #6 in the right direction but then freaked out before reaching the field as I saw a very indistinct reentrant sloping to the NW and thought I had crossed the E–W trail on top of the spur already. Corrected to the SE and spent the next minute in the green. But nailed #7 without problems—knowledge of Bond007's mindset helps.
8. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Up the spur to the N of the control's reentrant, and crossed the spur and looked in the next one up north.
10. Bad map reading
On trails well on the right. Misread one junction—out and back. Also, lost the map to the brambles just before the control.
11. Did not like map
Got to the one clearing before the control and was distracted by the real open to the SE of the control, mapped as semi-open. The clearing the control was on barely qualified for any kind of open.
14. Did not read the map enough but got lucky—the earthbanks along the main stream directed me into the bag.
15. Stopped before the control in the unmapped green; also distracted by Carl who was looking there. But this wasn't much of a loss with everyone having to face similar circumstances.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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