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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials & Return to Boggs Mountain A Meet: Long Blue


1. +00:52When the whistle blew I realized I didn't have my compass. After a couple of seconds of hesitation, I ran back to the clothing drop and fished it out of my jacket. I managed to find the lower narrow ride through the green, but hesitated a bit at the first rock features I encountered.
2. Left of the slash.
3. +02:00I thought the descent on the left route looked too steep, and totally missed the narrow ride going down the hill there. It was obviously a better route. Instead I went straight and had to deal with quite a bit of green. In the past I haven't recorded time loss for poor route choices, but I think it's time to start.
4. +00:20Couldn't quite decide what side of the brook to stay on. In retrospect it would probably have been better to climb around on the right. I also hesitated a bit coming down the narrow ride as I considered cutting through the woods.
5. Very well executed - curved around left and hit the narrow ride.
6. Pretty much straight, ignoring gthe narrow ride.
7. Picked my way through the green on the line, then aimed for the narrow ride on the other side. Decided to curve around left of the spur instead of climbing up it. Seems to have worked ok.
8. Drank for 20 seconds or so and ate some Gu. I had looked at the options on the way to 3, and decided to give the straight route a go. Instead of getting into the green on the line I decided to head up the narrow ride to the right first, and cross the big reentrant early. All in all I don't think my split is that bad compared to the faster runners.
9. +00:15A painful climb. Ended up a bit low and had to stumble through some vegetation and across some stony ground.
10. Followed the narrow ride initially, then decended slowly but surely towards the trail junction. I'm not quite sure whether I ever saw the second part of the narrow ride. I hit the junction dead on. Then I went the higher route, veering off and hitting the reentrant close to the bend in the narrow ride. Ran up around to the other corner and on compass from there.
11. Left the trail a bit late ,but knew exactly where I was. Should probably have left at the clearing.
12. +00:25Had some problems finding my way through the green to the upper trail. Also had some problems finding the narrow ride leaving the trail.
13. Øystein came flying through and punched right before (?) me. He stayed on the contour through the green whereas I climbed around it to the left.
14. +00:45Made the stupid decision to run harder to keep up with Øystein, and wasn't quite sure where we were when we hit the main trail. I thought we had already hit the main junction, but it turned out we were just at where the narrow rides met the trail. I ran back into the woods on the narrow ride and relocated on the smaller trail to the SW. Then cut across the reentrant as it was obviously too far to run around it.
15. Contoured around the hill and aimed straight for the clearing with the picnic table, then on compass to the rootstock from the corner of that clearing. I was surprised how easy it was to spot the bag through the medium green.
16. +00:05Was lazy and went a bit far to the right around the hill. Would have been best to go straight over the top.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:42

Split Analysis

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