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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials & Return to Boggs Mountain A Meet: Middle Blue


1. +00:30Ran on the trail for a few meters, then decided it was better to cut through the woods... except I cut diagonally, and wasn't sure which trail I was on when I hit it. Figured it out and didn't lose too much time.
2. Used the vegetation as a funnel.
3. +00:15For whatever stupid reason I started going left around the deadfall and ended up climbing over slippery logs without spikes.
4. +00:10Was worried that I had dropped to low, but as I rounded the spur I ended up a bit too high.
5. +00:25Didn't have a good plan, and started contouring to the left. Then realized I had to run down and back up again. Climbed a bit too high on the other side.
6. +00:10For some reason I thought I would be able to see the control from the narrow ride, and so I continued to the second small reentrant before curving back over.
7. Decided to run around on the trail and catch it from above.
8. Was worried about this one, but the shelf was relatively easy to find.
9. Read the map carefully and made sure I didn't get stuck in the first set of reentrants.
10. Contoured, and hit it pretty much spot on.
11. Found the boulder to the W first, but didn't lose much time.
12. Went back to the trail, and the bag was visible from it.
13. +00:25Should have gone the trail, but veered off into the woods instead. Then curved back left to catch the reentrant. Not a very well executed leg.
14. +00:25Cut through the vegetation and hit the narrow ride. But lacked some confidence, and decided to climb out on the stony spur to be certain. This was unnecessary - I should have stayed left of the spur until I saw the saddle, as the spur was hard to run on.
15. +00:05Went way left of the boulders.
16. Straight.
17. I guess one benefit of having climbed on the spur was that I knew exactly where to start descending. A well executed leg.
18. +00:35Climbed too early and had to zig zag around some vegetation. I think I executed the rest of the leg well, so most of the time was lost in the beginning. Then again, maybe I didn't push myself hard enough up the hill.
19. Went straight, wondering when I'd hit the trail.
20. Stayed on the trail for a few steps until I could see the control and then made a dash for it.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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