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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XIX - U.S. Individual Champs - Sprint-Middle-Long: Middle - 9 Red


1. P D P R +00:15I had trouble finding the start triangle. Ran down trail, past reentrant and along hill, over top to control. A little off on final approach.
2. Run to reentrant. Ignore that control description is rock.
3. +00:15Just head up hill. I was a little right and had to cut back to depression.
4. Straight Left of rock by trail.
5. straight- slow up the hill.
6. I decided to go straight
7. Angled down hill to the shelf, then at right distance cut down to control.
8. Just head up the spur.
9. past one reentrant to second one and up small one.
10. +00:10used hill top as attack point. I cut off the trail too soon and went through extra green.
11. Straight
12. +01:00Straight. Part way there I inadvertently turned my map 90 degrees then screwed up. I thought I had gone off the wrong direction and changed direction, only to later realize I was an idiot. Then I went to the control. There were extra depressions before the ditch which helped through me off.
13. Straight
14. +01:30Leaving 13 I was just going to run to the trail but did a 180 the wrong way. I ran all the way tot he clearing before figuring out what was wrong. I ran across the arch.
15. straight.
16. +00:10Down ditch to road. cross road and angled up. I didn't angle well as I too far north.
17. gimmee control
18. +00:15leftish around the worst cliffs. I drifted right going up the hill so had to cut back a few meters to it.
19. +00:45Since I was already heading north I went north around the building. That was a mistake. I went around the building then down the parking lot. So basically, I went 270 degrees around the building.
20. +00:45This is where there was olive green west of the cliffs so after thinking about it. I took the trail around to avoid it.
21. +00:25I saw the lower piller first and dropped towards it instead of going to the larger pillar.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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