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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. +00:20Overshot just a little, but corrected quickly.
2. +03:30Right behind PG most of the way, and made the same error (but recovered a few seconds quicker).
3. Right hand trail around the top of the hill
4. +00:15Got a little off to the left just before the circle
5. Obvious trails north of line, found control without much trouble. With PG, and we were passing people we really weren't happy about being behind.
6. Nasty getting through the scrub oak, then took trail west to trail going due west down hill, and cut off that very soon to the NW, snaking through scrub oak on deer trails to white woods, and north to control right behind PG.
7. Following PG most of the time. Paved road down to major wiggle, east across to tip of green marsh, and pretty much straight from there.
8. +02:00Got pushed left by the green, going essentially due east, and wound up well north of the control. PG was gone, and Gari WIlliams caught up.
9. Straight, chasing Gari.
10. Straight up the nose while Gari took trail to right -- he gained a little.
11. Had to pause at the north edge of the circle to puzzle out the contours.
12. Straight, behind Gari, sucking on a Gu.
13. Took a couple of steps in the direction Gari had left, and realized he had made a 180. Went the other way, and took it just to the left of the line (the vertical green was inconsequential).
17. +01:00Left hand trail at fork, and wound up a bit too far north when I got to the ridge -- had to wander around a little to find it.
18. Straight.
19. Left, took small trail on west edge of big green patch, and went at the control from the west, attacking off the form-line knoll. Saw somebody in here who seemed to have missed it, plus Alar who was standing just a few meters from the control, looking perplexed.
20. Ahead of Alar most of the way, dead straight.
21. Again, ahead of Alar until the end, dead straight.
22. Alar went pretty straight, I contoured around to the right. Nice level route, and the green was fine where I went. Alar appeared just as I arrived at the boulders.
23. +00:45Ahead of Alar, took trails to south end of marsh, then attacked nicely ans spiked the control, but was distressed to see Dave Yee there already. Looked at the code, saw that it was wrong, and was baffled. Dave said "This is 17", and I could see, yeah, that the code was 217, and then it dawned on me that this was *control* 17, and I had navigated to it perfectly. But I need to go to 23, which was a bit further (and no problem to get to)
24. +00:20Got south of knoll and had to hook back around. Alar was there.
25. With Alar, south of marsh.
26. Right behind Alar, and it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to outrun him going around the lake...
F. I went counterclockwise. If it had been faster, it would have been my only hope, and it was worth taking the chance, even though it didn't work.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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