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Race Evaluation

Ran-it Granite: Green X Day 1


1. +00:15A little trouble reading the map, but E along trail to powerline, then angling down to stream to vicinity of the control, then stoped and squinting a bit to try to read what the feature was in the circle. Right there, though.
2. Followed stream and angled up the spur, could see the reentrant the gully was in from a distance.
3. Straight, passing by rock in the stream before the control, and reading contours well. Rob Wilkison up ahead.
4. +03:00Up and over, drifting a bit right across to powerline, then down the wrong spur. Ahead of Rob, and a few others on various spurs in the area. Got confused by an unmapped rock, and ended up going all the way down before finding the right spur and the bag.
5. Trail across first spur and onto second one, then contoured and climbed. Clare Durand off in front a bit. Nysse came screaming in from the top on the Blue Course as I arrived.
6. +01:00Up and over and down the spur. I think Clare was further left. Going fine the whole way, but just too tentative after blowing #4. Spiked it, but way too slow.
7. Straight, checking off the rootstocks.
8. Pretty straight. Crossed stream on trail then angled up to stream jct.
9. +00:15Stream low and past bottom of control then hooking up.
10. Low to scrub off some climb, past #6and across stream to flatter ground, approaching from S.
11. Straight.
12. +01:00Had the illusion that this was a reentrant instead of a hill, and really tentative going there, checking and re-checking the map.
13. Tired, but easy

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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