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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Green X Long


1. short, st, carefully
2. elected to go R, SSE on path to lger SE path, then down into the myriad small paths taking extra care not to get mixed up
3. st ESE to small path that took me to top of power line - then contoured to 4, realized I was not where I was supposed to be - cnt'd on to 3, st, &
4. back to 4 way I'd come. N & W to the pkng lots, then NW down to small tr in woods, took to phone line bend & read way in
5. just st & careful
6. ditto
7. contoured around on hardtop all way to asphalt end just to rt of line then read way in
8. NE up to higher path, to jct & carefully in
9. paths N of bldg, then n going path at U-curve in path, finally E on little path, leaving at bend
10. st w/ care
11. st & pick the right feature!
12. bring it home!
F. could have been better but liveable

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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