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Race Evaluation

Mt. Penn - Pagoda: blue


1. Confused parallel features
Not thinking clearly
Saw the bag on the boulder and was sure it was yesterday's #6. It looked so the same. Went downhill (since I thought I was near yesterday's #6), saw the paved road and the houses, came back.
2. Did not follow plan
Confused parallel features
Thought I'd simplify pretty radically and started off towards #5; thought about using the paved road after that. But as I went past #6, I hesitated and turned right, thinking I'd use trails to get to the paved road. Confused the very first trail with a segment of the N-S, more prominent trail, went S. The trail turned SW. Something was wrong. I went off the trail, directly S, and got stuck in the dark green. Went SE, towards the open woods and the power lone. Found myself at a trail junction just past the power line. It was easy after that.
3. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Off to the right. Some searching.
4. Did not like map
Went past it, one "contour line" higher on the slope.
5. Bad route choice
Up the power line, considering and re-considering the Z-y trail on the W side of the purple line. Ended up stuck in some bush while paralleling the power line W of it. The Z-y trail would have provided a wonderful approach; the aproach from the power line sucked.
7. With Peter G between #7–#9. He's darn amazing for someone 57 yrs old, just floating effortlessly through the rock.
8. Bad route choice
Took a chance
Should have used the levee but instead just ran straight to it, slowed by the rocky ground; also, missed it long and to the right.
9. Lacked confidence
This time, stayed on the levee/streamer tape line too long. Off left.
10. To List Rd., straight in from where the power line left it.
13. Got motivated by the uphill and nuked it. Came in wide around the model airplane field (that _was_ the plan but I was just jogging on Skyline Dr. after the King of the Hill part).
17. Lacked confidence
Got distracted by the control on the shallow reentrant.
18. Bad map reading
Wide around on Skyline, staying level. Came to the control 1.5 contours too high and searched all the ditches up and down.
19. Bad map reading
Confused some trails on the way.
21. Bad map reading
Confused trails, again. Left the trails too early and went into the yellow open quarry. Stanislav was laughing at me.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:50

Split Analysis

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