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Race Evaluation

GAOC Local Meet :: Chattahoochee Bend State Park: Red


1. P D P R +00:10Slight angle off and confusion
2. P D P R great route
3. P D P R +02:00ran well but was a little down the hill looked around and ran past it and then came back
4. P D P R Lost a little time when I went to the wrong spur at the end of the route but otherwise good
5. P D P R slow going threw the swamp
6. P D P R +00:15first was to far east and then overcorrected west and had to come back east in thick woods at the reentrant
7. P D P R +00:20Never saw the bridge so was confused and did not cross where I wanted to in the rentrant
8. P D P R good route
9. P D P R good route
10. P D P R +02:00ran down the reentrant at a flat spot but did not turn because the spot seemed to flat and swampy and I lost noah van gorder here cause he caught the mistake here
11. P D P R good route got a little nervohuse in the flat though so slowed down
12. P D P R +00:10ran threw too much green so it was a bad route sould have stayed farther from the river
13. P D P R good route
F. P D P R good route

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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