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Race Evaluation

US Middle Distance and Relay Champs: Red


1. With my left knee injured. I just planned to walk this. I did happen to jog in a few places where the terrain was good like flat roads and grassy areas. I was slow to go out on this leg and followed trails before keying off the house to the left to spike the control.
2. +00:10I ran straight but got a hair bit too low.
3. Straight until the creek, then around the left side of the knoll to the control.
4. I thought I was cutting off the corner sufficiently at walking speed but was surprised at how far left I'd gone. Once at the road, I followed it, then keyed off the building. At the end, it was surprising seeing the depression but not the control, but a few more steps and I got to where I could see the north side of the depression and the control.
5. I kept getting pushed left by vegetation so when I finally got up to it, I was a bit left. I confirmed this by seeing the small building on my left. Going up the steep hill, I walked like everyone else and probably wasn't losing much to them. I landed right on the control and saw Joe Brautigam appear on my right, below me.
6. I went fairly straight, crossing trails.
7. I followed the ridge line in.
8. Descending, I noted features to confirm my location. Across the creek, I spiked it going fairly straight.
9. Straight up.
10. +00:20I got low on this one though I did stop at the right distance. It was odd that I got low because I felt that I had come along the first marshy ground without seeing the second, nor the control.
11. Going straight up the steep hill, I heard Angelica Riley and Andras Revesz climbing to #10. I held them off while walking until we were half way around the deadfall. We popped out in the fields so we had to cut left getting to the control.
12. Walking to 12, I kept straight and hit the field corner before crossing the marsh to the control. I saw some of the intermittant trails but at my waling speed it didn't seem worth it to go around. I did however, unexpectedly get my left foot tangled up with a stick--there were two steps in a row where a stick stuck on the top of my shoe halted my forward progress and caused sharp pain in my left knee. I took to cursing.
13. I used the spur a bit to the left to attack from.
14. Going straight, I started worrying about drifting but as I neared the field, all was well.
F. I jogged in at the protest of Peggy, Max and Heidi Onkst. It didn't hurt much at the time though I could have been worsening it. It was fun getting out, even if it was only to walk the course. The steepness of the terrain was to my advantage as evidenced by not finishing that far behind some of the others.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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