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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Orange/Brown/Green Sprint 2


1. Lacked concentration
Lacked confidence
My biggest mistake in this race was in the preparation: I took a compass and a thumb compass, wihich I never use. I wasted precious seconds on the first 3 legs looking at the compass when I should have been planning ahead.
2. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not follow plan
Read map too late
If I had planned ahead, I would have seen the opening near the tower; the next best thing would have been to go to the right of C12; as it was, I moved along the red line looking for an opening in the green near the inlet; it looked to thick, so I went around.
3. I was very slow here, but I am not sure why. Over 20s off the leaders.
4. I am not sure about my route here;...and I had the fastest split.
5. I had the fastest split here too.
6. +00:04I did not take the best route here, going between C7 and C8. This did have the advantage that I got an advance showing of those controls. Once I turned the corner, I could see the knoll at the end, so I took the time to look around.
8. Disturbed by others
Was in line behind some F65s and M65s; in going around I got stuck in the green, so I am surprised that I was only a couple of seconds off the leaders.
9. It was open enough that I could just go straight; the veg boundary pointed right at the control.
10. Tired
Straight, except I caught my breath by stepping over a log instead of hurdling it.
11. Bad route choice
Pretty much straight, using the path junction as AP. Maybe that wasn't best as I was about 25s off the leaders.
12. Tired
I was breathing very hard by this time.
13. Tired
Downhill running, so I had fastest split, natch.
14. Tired
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:00:32

Split Analysis

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