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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Green- Short Pig


1. NW to black path, then S and W on trail to bottom.
2. +01:30Back out to clearing and N and into forest at house
3. Soupbone passes me in large clearing, but I beat him into control
4. +03:00Worst leg: lost track of trail I was running and made parallel error, turned N in clearing, reentered woods way right, emerged, continued north til N end of clearing in sight. Use more care when running trails!
5. Down winding trail, s/h run powerline directly. Slipped and fell hard on two slick wooden bridges with my rubber cleats.
6. Nice time..why were others so slow?
7. Could see control from distance; getting to it was the challenge in eroded ditch
9. Off dip in trail at stream; up and over spur in green
10. +01:00Drifted too far E; investigated wrong reentrant
11. Should have run faster?
12. +07:00Worst leg. Altho I used copse to decide forest entry point on S side of clearing, mistakenly turned left and went way too far in thick woods. Finally heard running water of flooded stream and came back out and saw I'd turned corner and was on E side of clearing! Back up trail to reenter woods heading SW at embankment; finally found control. Bitch! DFL on this leg.
13. +01:30Emerged into clearing and wildly started looking behind each copse, out of control
14. All remaining legs in open, run purple line at top speed of 1min/100m. Slow ass...

Total Time Lost - 00:14:00

Split Analysis

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