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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Red - Ultra Long


1. Going to be a long run, starting out slow and confident. through middle of rough open to far and and then down
2. +01:00crashed hard at the end of the campground loop when I tripped on chain while studying course. Destroyed compass, slow to shake it off
3. Opted for the long way around on road, all the way to OOB area, then down through open, across brook and up other side. Straight as I could in the vague area, never saw intermediate fence, finally hit trail and turned L toward control. Very hestitant, but very relieved when I hit the control just fine.
4. right of line, following fencelines, which I had decided I could read better by not looking for the fence, but looking for larger diameter trees in a row that would have been on the fence line when the rest of the area was cleared. Worked pretty well.
5. straight out to road, then L to second clearing and followed the fenceline (not the fence) to the control, using the trees much easier as I could run some distance away from the fenceline while still using it as a handrail.
6. along the edge of the white zone to road, along road and then down very nice, open spur
7. a little left of line leaving, then up the second (larger) spur and over to the trail, off the corner, but wound up drifting a bit more right than I wanted, crossed reentrant and recognized the spur I climbed as the one just L of #9, so I worked my way L to avoid green, past distinct rootstock, round the green, across reentrant and up broad gulley on other side right into control
8. right up and across the top
9. very rough through the green, then retraced my route to 7 past rootstock and spiked the control
10. picked best route through early green, then just stayed L of larger reentrant system, another spike
11. straight over
12. straight again, easy enough on these short legs
13. probably should have taken trail, but mostly picked my way through the green and right down into reentrant
14. right around the green (again) and then carefully checking features and passing just L of the small pond. Picked up the muddy trail all the way out to junction, then across pair of reentrants (not too deep) and then trail again to junction, then down and across to spur. I think it was in here that Ted Good commented on my running fairly fast, but zig zagging all over the place - which is correct as I was wandering from solid attackpoint to another being very conservative about not taking iffy route choices.
15. trail not evident up higher, but ran in its general direction and down to the stream crossing. Then up the broad spur on the other side, around top of reentrant and right through the finish. Pretty wierd to have everyone telling me to stop, that I had missed the punch, not realizing I still had 6 controls left to go...
16. Using campground roads and avoiding climb whereever possible. AND watching for low slung chains.
17. more safe routes using campground loops - not the fastest, but very safe
18. ran up stream, then up the spur - never saw the trail I could have followed
19. kind of roundabout - through the campground, then back through the 2006 sprint finish (including the marsh where I faceplanted in 2006), then into the control from the east
20. straight shot now, I could see the west point bus through the trees and knew where it was parked, so used it as a relative point for aiming off and hit the forsythia dead on.
F. sprinting as fast as I could. Not a super fast run, but given the terrain and my lack of a compass for almost all of it, I'm pretty happy with it. Could have been a whole lot worse.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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