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Race Evaluation

Ward Pound Ridge: Brown


1. Around on road, cut in before pond Going slow the whole time due to heat/humidity; I didn't feel like pushing, nothing to prove. Would love a re-do in better conditions.
3. Left/east of marsh
4. +06:10Too far on the trail; missed the trail jct and bend w/boulder where I should have attacked. Went 200m past that to T jct NW(!)
5. Left around swamp (to the east) then S from trail/stream jct. Visible from trail from my vantage point
6. Contoured around the spur to approach from the south. Nice herd path through ferns in med green at NW of marsh to the south
7. Straight, keeping boulder on my right; the green wasn't bad if you picked your way through

Total Time Lost - 00:06:10

Split Analysis

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