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Race Evaluation

Interscholastic Champs: Sprint A


1. control: copse, AP hit the big clearing. uphill pretty straight west thru mixed white & green, managed to pick up the indistinct path which sped me to the clearing.
2. +00:10C-reentrant, AP S tip of clearing. ran to southwest edge of clearing & path. Somehow missed S tip of clearing. so I arced farther west than intended.
3. crossed the stream & followed it downstream to control, dodging the greener vegetation.
4. west, uphill to control, dodging the thickets. Could see the building (control) almost as soon as I started toward it.
5. C=ruin, AP=path bend. hit path, could see control on ruin, slowness mainly due to vegetation.
6. path to pit.
7. path, watching for manmade "X" on left
8. AP=building E of control. Pretty straight thru woods, left of first buiilding & just left of sencond building. Looking ahead to see the buildings made this a fast leg. Caught a couple wait-a-minute vines going thru the white forest, but fortunately they were more of the wait-a-second variety & I kept my feet.
9. C="X", AP= path Y. straight back to building, path to junction, could see small nuilding just right fo teh control & aimed just left of it which took me straight to the conrtrol.
10. C=copse, AP= edge of clearing. downhill, angled toward trail to avoid some of the green; straighter might have worked as well, but it was hard to see through the vegetation.
11. fast run along the lakeshore to control on copse
12. +00:10path for a few meters, left uphill past first building. drifted left to miss teh undergrowth & ended up getting too far left, picking up the path that cuts across the line between 1 and 2. Right of the big building to eastern path. Intened to run path to road, but spotted cobntrol thru the woods & it looked clear (mapped with some green), so I cut straight to it. A little sloppy on the middle part of the leg; I should have been able to go straighter.
F. downhill finish on a gravel track. breakneck speed; fortunately neck is still intact.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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