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Attackpoint AR - performance and training tools for adventure athletes

Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 1: Blue


4. Around on trail.
6. Traaaaaail.
8. I think the unmapped ditch wa the one the control was in. The one further north was bigger.
9. Over the top.
10. Around to left, tough getting down through the crud to the control.
11. Stopped to unload some used food -- had to find something more comfortable than holly leaves!
12. Stayed left of the line, and attacked SW from trail bend.
13. Skirted the dense pines, hit the river just S of the cicle, hyperextended knee in crossing it.
14. This control really demonstrates that this printing technique was inadequate for a 1:15000 map. All that was in the circle was a bunch of fuzzballs.
15. Straight.
16. Hit the road.
F. Average HR 165.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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