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Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 1: Blue


2. Bad compass work
Missed high, turned around, stopped, found it to my 5 o'clock. None of that would have happened were the bag visible.
4. People with a dog on the trail.
5. Same dog, same trail.
6. Bad map reading
Missed the bag right (was at where the spur becomes green).
7. Hesitated
Hesitated to push through the SVGL (single vertical green lines) and went left to MG. Bad choice.
8. Did not like map
Another, unmapped ditch, N of the control. Stopped.
9. Lacked confidence
Explored the view down/N from the E-W spur a bit before descending.
10. Did not plan ahead
Went way W along the S bank of the creek before crossing it. Thought I was on the NW-directed part of the creek. Went N up the white part of the spur. It was good running; the time was lost on the perpendicular (creek) part of the leg, and on the creek crossing.
12. Bad map reading
Leaving the trail NE of the control, I thought I had successfully identified the DVGL trees and was going to follow their boundary into the bag. I was wrong on the identification (it was MFGT rather than DVGL), and also sliced through the DVGL like it was OW. Up to a point. Finally, found myself in the middle of the DVGL, and slowly walked over the VGL's into the bag (should have just bailed S of the DVGL and followed the DVGL-SVGL boundary into the bag. Boundary, yeah.)
13. +00:25Crossed the creek through the water rather than on a bridge, to cool off the tendon.
14. Bad compass work
Missed high, coming from just before a bend in the RDL.
15. Bad compass work
Hit the SW-NE RDL too wide. Should have trusted the off-map MG; it really appeared MG from a distance.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:15

Split Analysis

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