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Race Evaluation

Big Blues Ramble 2007: Sprint


1. +00:05ran the bike trail a couple steps too far, and had to turn sharply.
2. +00:04didn't like the placement of this control. description was ditch / veg. boundary crossing, but the control was a few meters inside the woods in the ditch. I angled from 1, aiming off to hit the veg boundary and then ran the clearing to the control, at which point I had to duck back into the woods. If I had known the control was inside the woods, it would have been a few seconds faster to stay inside the woods & not do the push-thru-low-branches to exit and re-enter. If the description (and circle on the map) says crossing (no side specified), the control should be AT the crossing. (I realize the bag was probably put in the woods to hide it from the road and very busy picnic area, but...)
3. Ran the open area, using parking lot corner as attackpoint.
4. Bad map reading
thought I was leaving 4 for 5 and started south, wondering why veg. boundary didn't look right. Caught myself in the first few meters, and beelined to 4.
5. I liked the longer route south then east through the clearing to this control. If the woods were really 100% open, straight would have been faster. I think I was a litle risk-averse after my near-bobble at 4.
6. +00:15Intimidated by the green lines (undergrowth), I decided to go north of the solid green thicket (other racers said the green lines weren't bad, and the shorter route south of the thicket was faster). After passing the thicket, I didn't correct enough & saw the bike path north of the control, then had to turn sharp left.
7. pretty straight, picked up the marsh on the way. never really saw the dark green patch SW of the control... I saw green ahead & thought that was it, but then I spotted the control, still on the near edge of the green.
8. pretty straight, aiming off a little to the left to use the nike trail as an attack. (could see the trail without going all the way to it).
9. Used the bike trail to the bend & beeline to control.
10. bike trail out of the woods, then a straight line across the clearing.
11. NW into the woods, picked up the N/S veg boundary off to my left and angled toward it with good result.
12. Turned toward 12 and immediately saw the bright red shirt of a photographer. I couldn't see the control, but he appeared to be where it should be, so full speed straight at him until I picked up the little path, which led to the control a few meters to his left.
F. path almost to edge of woods, cut left of the port-o-let (unmapped) & straight to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:34

Split Analysis

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