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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander 2007: HH XII


1. +00:30John F. took off really fast. Gave up on that pace quickly. At rocky creek went left up to the hill next to it to run along the top of that, but it wasn't that runnable. Came up from the left w/John F. far ahead.
2. Trail, right, not all the way to times square. Up reentrant to a trail for a bit until it hit the purple line. Contour/rough compass a bit from there through the burned area. Fast/slow unmapped - a little frustrating, but at least the green was brittle/dry. Collected myself at the long NW/SE drainage and went up to the highest hill just past that. Saw control from about 20m SW. Surprised to see Daniel coming in from an odd angle as I was going out.
3. +00:20Hit trail, W to bend, then compass. Very hard to read the contours/rock in the sea of ferns. Bearing was good though and I stood on the right bare rock a bit w/o seeing the flag.
4. Rough bearing to the top of the hill, then bearing/nav. down from there.
5. Drop then contour to 2nd drainage, but did a big much and got 100m west of line before correcting. Hesitant down and was again nearly standing on the bag before seeing it.
6. Drink a ton, then see Jon T. come in as I exit. We both went further left and used less trail than we should have on the route.
7. He flew out and I decided to try fixing my right sock as I was already getting a blister. The plan was to have him do the navigation for a few seconds while I fixed my sock, then I'd just chase him. But he was barely in sight by the time I looked up, entering 7 was the 2nd to last time I saw him.
8. Exitted on line, then saw R-trail. After taking that to near the lake, the all-the-way-to-the-road route looked much better than the rocky hill, so I did that.
9. Drank a bunch.
10. Didn't run too hard, and my blister seemed to have stabilized.
11. Straight, through extended indistinct trail, and a bit too much of the dry but green marsh at the end.
12. +01:00A bit too far right of the line at the beginning, through the marsh (dry) then bearing/hillside to the next marsh.
13. +00:30Some trail, some bearing, a bit low even after seeing the wall on attack.
14. Very surprised to see Daniel come in as I was exitting 13 after drinking, so I pushed hard to 14, and missed a bit left. Daniel caught up.
15. Pulled away from DS, although I looped a bit too low, so not by much.
16. +01:00Through head of marsh again, ahead of DS, then not quite sure what happened - I think I drifted left, then overcompensated by maybe cuting right one basin too low, but then the big giant marsh SW of 16 was visible ahead, so I turned and was okay from there.
17. Tried to run away.
18. +01:30N, a bit slow, then by 11, thread the white to the NE, then N to 18, except that the cliff/reentrant 100m before 18 was much bigger than I read on the map (I read wrong) and so I got nervous and looped around left, letting DS slip by. I only think I lost a minute and change on that, so I really wonder what Sam did to be so fast...
19. NW to road, almost cut corner but ended up road-around, just behind DS at 19.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:50

Split Analysis

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