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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander 2007: HH XII


1. Started up Floyd Wash Gully and ended up behind a big pack going around the lake. Peggy D. and Peter G. split off to right, but pack kept going north to the east of Pine Swamp and in.
2. Still seeing lots of folks. Saw Charlie D. cut off trail, but I kept going. Saw Sue D. cut off just before Times Square. I took SW trail out of Time Square to bare rock 250 m NE of control, but then got confused by distance through brush and by other folks NE of control. Visited swamp and relocated.
3. Followed Peggy and Victoria C. to control
4. Peggy was out of sight and Victoria appeared to go right as I went to stream to contour around hill. Stopped too soon and Victoria caught me; we had just about figured out the problem when Peggy came down from up ahead saying she had punched already.
5. Must have gone slowly because a crowd formed at #5.
6. Down to road and NE on road around bend and then in to control. Susie D. and Victoria did same thing. Some others who went over hill crossed in front of us and missed control.
7. More or less straight
8. Indecisive leaving control, but took trail southward along N shore of Lake Skannatati and then road to control. Slow, but safe and not that slow judging by some splits of people I was near who went the other way.
10. Walked almost the whole thing. Sad, but I was already tired.
11. Took trail to T junction then skirted N of rocks and eventually found the two pieces of trail N of big swamp. They almost connected and were nice and went all the way to the end of the big swamp. Going in to 11, I saw Mike Lyons and two cadets(?) using #11 as a checking feature on the way to #18.
12. Big oops. Left in the correct general direction, but veered a bit right. Came down through some cliffs and saw "yellow" swamp. Thought I was at the swamp where the 11/12 line crosses the 15/16, but was one swamp north. Followed stream around swamp N of 15 and I hit the road. Direction was wrong for Lake Welch Drive and I quickly realized that I was on Seven Lakes Drive. I then corrected by going down the road to the trail and taking the trail past the attack point for 15 and then coming into 12 from the NW. Saw Glen T., Susie D. leaving and Chris O. coming in.
13. Straight shot as the four of us all slowed down confused by the stone wall until I realized that the bend we were looking at was right under the circle. The four of us were now essentially best buddies for the upcoming two hours.
14. More or less straight.
15. Again straight, as the group of us found four different ways across the rock field.
16. Moving somewhat slowly with the leader changing frequently.
17. Contour around.
18. Right past #11, to left of laurel and swamp and then down the rocky reentrant. Chris took the spur which was a much better move.
19. NW to the power line and then through to the road when we could. Glen went straight to the road, but it worked out the same. At this point, Glen and I acknowledged the obvious; we were going to tie (again, for the fourth time).
20. Temporarily lost Susie when she took extra long to refill her Camelbak. Would have lost Chris in the other direction, but he overshot.
21. We all had trouble with this as we did not see the clearing and stopped too soon. Pushing on, slowly, did the trick.
22. Through the green to the power line and then up and into the cabin area. Across the ball field and up the hill. Saved by the group here as I was looking for a cliff not a reentrant.
23. Contour slowly across, more due to exhaustion than anything else. Came in too low, but adjusted well.
24. Moving slowly, so we decided to be safe. Down the reentrant to the trail and then over the spur at the end and in.
25. Past the cliff to the left and then over the hill to attack from above. (At some point the word "attack" becomes comical given our pace...)
26. Down the hill, around the rocks, up through the saddle and around to it. Especially easy given our (lack of) speed.
27. Contour to power line. Susie dove down, but I liked the shade. Hit the power line where the cliff intrudes. Then three towers up and in.
28. Down to the power line junction and then NE to the trail to the left turn to the road turning in at the building.
F. Homeward bound. We agreed on a four-way tie and even jogged a bit on the downhill road run as that was easier than resisting gravity...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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