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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander 2007: HH XII


1. The lead runners head for the big ravine. Too rocky for my taste. I run along the eastern side of the spur, past the saddle and take the trail before following the reentrant to the control. Wyatt punches a few seconds before me, coming another route.
2. I choose the left trail route. It is longer, but I want to preserve my energy. When I reach Hogencamp Mt., Wyatt leaves the control, coming from a more direct route. When I have punched, he is gone.
3. +00:30Follow the stream bed, until it is all deep green. Move uphill to the right, read the open rock, reluctant but right on. A group of cadet approaches. I punch quietly and leave. Ross catches up with me.
4. +01:30Across the reentrant, catch too much green here. Have to correct to southern spur, then easily to control. Ross disappears somewhere downhill.
5. +01:00Cross the streams, get above that flat near the control. It takes me a moment to realize that I stand practically right above the control. Then I see Ross leaving.
6. With Ross gone, I contours, more or less, to the road, go up to the yellow and drop nicely to control.
7. To swamp, along the hillside. The flat to the control seems long. Glad I get the bag. And who is leaving when I get there: Ross.
8. I take the trail to the jeep road left of line, cross between the marsh to the trail and downhill to control. Again: R.S.
9. Time spent to table, get my bottle and punch the trail run start.
10. Ross follows, later John F. joins the club. I stay with John, then he pulls away a little. A long tough trail run, stony trails.
11. Again, I force myself to drink. Ross stays longer, J.F. drops out, as I later learn. Go on trail, at trail junction I go right then east into the rocky reentrant and the intermittent trail. Not so intermittent, as it turns out. Allowing for some bends and twists, it almost goes through.
12. Go somewhat too high, follow the wall (with a mountain laurel patch, outch), down the reentrant, cross at yellow swamp and to the raccoon control. The raccoon (or whatever critter) had eaten three gallons of water stashed here. And now the control was nicely disassembled, unless Jon or Wyatt had taken it apart for fun.
13. Straight. Nice running across the walls. Meet Wyatt drinking water. He is about as puzzled as me.
14. Not sure if I had punch, go back. Probably did punch. Anyway, W. gets ahead and I slightly miss #14.
15. Over spur to control. W. is too low, so we punch almost together.
16. W. runs faster. I navigate across the stream into the big reentrant. To my surprise I see Wyatt running along the hillside south. Well, I go my own ways here. Go into rocky flat area, up the saddle and to control. Wyatt joins me after his detour.
17. Over the top of the hill to control.
18. Downhill, past the open yellow (a farm), past #11 down to marsh, follow the spur. Again, Wyatt crosses my trajectory in a 90 degree angle. I keep going and punch first.
19. Across power line, around hill. Miss the trail/ride. Get stuck in green. On the trafiic circle I see Wyatt coming along SLD. Still make 19 ahead of him, but my legs are lead. Crampuliscious.
20. Uphill. Outch. Wyatt catches up, but is reluctant to 20, so I punch first.
21. General slowliness. Along hill, read large reentrant on top of control, drop in.
22. Down, through camp. W. pulls ahead. Young legs.
23. Along hill below cliffs and up to control. Clean. W. has left for good. I am focusing on reading the map and keep my legs easy going. No logs, no boulders, no jumping.
24. +02:00Downhill on line, through swamp then over to trail. Stay on it too long, curve back to control using the big boulder as guide.
25. I can' run along the hill. So I go over the hill top and down. Have to take a pit stop. But I hear no trashing behind, nobody near.
26. +02:00Downhill, to road, to dirt pit and somewhat around the hill. Straight would be probably faster, but I have not much climb in my legs. Somewhat slow but precise in approach. Glad I have it. Tired in my mind. Careful.
27. Contours to power line. Run wherever I can, past the cabin and to control. Still no one visible behind me. I am just running my own thing.
28. +01:00Down to powerline, pick downhill trail first, switch back to correct. Tiredness. Attack along cabins.
F. Since no human being with weird shoes is around, I easily jog to the finish. No reason to outrun myself. Nice but tough Highlander. For the longest time I had no clue where I was in the field. I think energy saving route choices on Hogencamp were the clue that I could keep running. The last map was sluggish, but I kept moving no matter what. Glad I kept the tradition alive and made sure it happened.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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