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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander 2007: HH XII


1. Up to the dam to avoid Floyd Wash Gully, then went with a crowd that took the very stony reentrant left of the line. Wasn't too bad with careful micro route choices.
2. Stayed pretty close to the line the whole way. Although I got a little fuzzy for a while when I was 80% of the way there, I knew exactly where I was at the end and spiked it, being aware that there were confused people wandering around the vicinity.
3. Missed to the right, fishhooked back as John F and Joe B were coming in, thinking I was spiking it.
4. With John for most of this leg. Was pretty amused when he got spooked by a snake, and right after that saw a six-point buck (maybe eight). Overshot the control by a smidge.
5. Caught back up to Joe at the control, and was generally with him up until #11. Fastest split &mdash hah!
6. The steep rocky downhill allowed us to open up a gap over some people who had been behind us.
8. NE to trail, through the gap in Pine Swamp, route worked out very well.
9. Saw the Saeger sisters coming up the road as I was leaving the aid station. Joe, wearing a Camelback, skipped the food table and opened up a bit of a lead.
10. Saw Jon Campbell and a cadet up ahead early on, but never again after that. Caught up to Joe and Petr Polivka, just before the Saegers and Mike Lyons cruised by, taking PP with them and leaving me and Joe by ourselves. This really seemed to go on forever.
11. +10:00Biggest problem of the day. With Joe and PP, we went right of the first marsh and left of the second. Problem was, the indistinct trail to get through the laurel was pretty much grown in, and we found ourselves stuck in the middle of a thicket. I worked my way N to the big marsh, and made some progress by squeezing between the laurel and the reeds on the edge of the marsh, but it was still slow. Joe, PP, and I got separated in here. Finally got out of there, and I remember wondering whether PG had just passed me on a different route choice (which he in fact had).
12. Crossing between the marshes, I saw Peter Grollan going the other way en route to #16, as well as a couple of cadets crossing the swamp.
13. Encountered Mike Lyons early on this leg, looked rather confused as he tried to figure out where #12 was.
18. About halfway I caught back up with Joe, and made like I was completely lost and still looking for #11. I think I had him going for a second or two. Glad I had him there, because I almost screwed up by being on the spur to the SE as I approached the circle.
19. Joe stayed behind for a few moments at the aid station, and that was the last I saw of anybody on the course. Stayed on the paved road and attacked up the reentrant.
20. Very nice technical leg.
22. Lower than I planned to be, but it's probably just as well.
23. Just busted my way through the laurel and blueberries, over the top, which seemed to work pretty well.
24. Over the top.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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