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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander 2007: HH XII


1. Uphill out of the start and across the dam. I think J-J and I were the only ones to do this. Caught up to lots of faster folks who went the other way, but they pulled away. At the end of a longish train. No problem.
2. Out to the trail in the company of Dean S and others and R at first T, then cut off across marsh and up the reentrant generally behind Tori, with Glen visible higher up. Pretty straight, but lost the others as I drifted left and got on the bare rock on Hoogencamp Mt, where I relocated and went straight to the control. Dean was coming in from another direction. Saw Peggy coming in from the S as we were leaving.
3. +05:00Got chatting with Dean and lost focus. Followed the trail W to the streambed between big cliffs and down before relocating and climbing back ESE. Read contours and cliffs fine and straight in. Saw Alan Young leaving the area of the control, but appearing to head N.
4. Fairly straight. crossed spur between streams instead of at the stream jct, which allowed people to catch up. Then uphill and stayed left of the top, finding the right reentrant and dropping right in on control. Alan Y was just ahead and just leaving. Susie D and Dave Levine just behind.
5. Down to the streambed, and across the spur to the next one, then angled in from below the big cliffs. Big crowd developing as I got there, including Tori, Susie, David and two folks I don't know.
6. Thought about dropping to the road and thence to the trail, but followed the crowd more or less straight, taking the broad trail to the end, then on compass until I could see the western stonewall and then the knoll. I think Susie, Tori and David were part of this group. The other two had been ahead, but missed to the NE.
7. NE across saddle and into marsh, along marsh and checked off reentrants and in. Tori, Susie and Dave, I think.
8. NNE to the larger trail, then cut off in the middle between the halves of Pine Swamp. Tori was there as well. NE to smaller marsh and then the trail. Trail to the bend and then could see the knoll near the road, so got moving.
9. Drink a bunch of yellow stuff. Glen was at the aid station, as was an adventure racer, and Tori coming in behind.
10. First out, and quite a slog. Not moving fast, but only the adventure racer passed. Looked back and saw Tori once, and then Glen once, but neither came up on me. At the aid station they both came in, but I left first again.
11. Ah, Polebrook. Quite my favorite map. Trail to the jct with the smaller trail, then left of the line but right of the marsh, picking my way through the rocky reentrants and the laurel. Small intermittent trail was better on the ground. Found outlet stream from the marsh and followed it past the marsh before the control and in.
12. Leaving 11, Joe B said hi. I was pretty perplexed as to what he was doing there until I figured out quite a bit later that he was on his way to 18. Drifted a little right and came to the bare rock knoll with cliffs and the big cliffs beyond, so cut under them and S of yellow marsh, up rocky reentrant to stone wall then on compass looking for the knoll and over to the wall.
13. On compass, checking the position of the various stone walls.
14. Down the spur, climbed left of rock face and right of W facing cliffs and straight in.
15. Down the spur and across trail, checking I was below stone walls and could see it from a distance.
16. Down spur and between yellow marshes, reading low lying rocky ground patches pretty well and leaving green and white knoll on my R as I went through saddle, around the corner and up a line.
17. R of hilltop and around. I guess I was picturing something a little bigger, but no problem.
18. +01:00Started on the line across vertical line knoll and then a bit left of marsh to streambed and #11. NE through marshes to line, then N across hill and reentrants, but stopping a ridge too soon to puzzle things out before making it fit and finding it.
19. Avoiding climb and generally heading NW, crossing power line and then getting to the road through some toxic green stuff.
20. +01:00Saw Ross and then Peter Grollman finishing as I headed up the road. Pretty tired. Walked pretty much all the way. Wasn't sure if the tepee was the X on the map, so puzzled there for a bit one rocky knoll to far S before figuring it out.
21. +01:00Near boom, as I planned my route to 2 as if I were leaving 9, but then nothing was looking right, so I reformed and headed up to the ridge line so I would know where I was. No problem from there, but a longer route than necessary. Saw little strips of laurel near control. Very cool mapping.
22. Down rocky ground to cross power line near big rock and get on trails through camp. Tori caught me at the power line, as I was having trouble getting across, then got ahead for a bit, looking strong. trails to yellow field and across then trails and on compass. Tori led me into this one, although I saw it coming from a ways off.
23. Slightly left of line. Got hung up in vertical green mtn laurel, with some painful hamstring cramps. Climbed when I saw bit SE facing cliff with yellow above it, then on compass to knoll and cliff beyond. Got a bit ahead there.
24. Downhill on compass and into white notch in marshy area and straight across. Climbing through vertical green and then vertical yellow-green was really nasty. Lots of hamstring cramps, and Tori went zooming past, or maybe found an animal trail. Caught her again near W facing cliff with yellow and down the reentrant and on compass to the control. Saw Judy Dickinson coming up the hill, just running the last loop and moving smartly.
25. Good leg. Back up by the cliff with the yellow, then drifted a little right of line to skirt mtn laurel, and around spur with dot knolls into reentrant. Tori right behind.
26. SE to the trail aiming to hit road N of yellow hole, then cut off before yellow when I saw little laurel patches. Aimed for high saddle, and could see Judy ahead. Across saddle and angle down on compass, looking for spur and cliff above boulder, catching Judy at the control.
27. Contouring, until I hit power line near first bend, then staying mostly left of power line until second bend, then in the power line to near the pole SE of control and up and in. Judy right behind. A little bobble as I stopped one knoll too soon before looking ahead and seeing it.
28. Downhill to power line jct, then NE to trail and trail to the road. On compass from bend in road. There was an extra trail segment there, but it was the wrong side of the ridge. Saw building and ran around it to the dot knoll.
F. E to the road and move along smartly. Very satisfactory. 29th place.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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