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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint A Course 3 (R/B)


1. a little slow out of the triangle, map didn't feel quite right, or I wasn't quite into it yet. First trail L, then R out of green and along edge gauging my progress cautiously at first
2. all good so far, picked up the pace up the hill, didn't see the trail junction to #2, but got about 3-4m further along and saw the trail itself off to my L so swung over behind Jeff Saeger, cut right into control
3. straight, but slightly tangled up in greenbrier, but no major loss
4. +00:05cut L early and went over top of spur, then realized that cutting around base would have been quicker
5. straight to wall, down to jct, then in...
6. +02:00vegetation straight looked like no fun, considered going L (should have), then decided on R hoping to find a cleaner green gap, wound up going all the way R around green not realizing how far R I had gone, miscounted my walls and was headed for #14 before deciding the wall/trail relationship didn't feel right, slowed down to study the situation and slowly decided to head west, control hidden by green so didn't see anything that looked right at first, then someone came in from opposite side, but then I wound up getting tangled up going through...
7. field, to trail, along N side of wall - straight might have been faster, but I was a bit gunshy so took the safe route
8. clean easy downhill route, read ahead to #9 then...
9. +02:00blew it... knew I needed a quick wall crossing but didn't see the wall to S, only the one to W and immediately ran up the hill toward #14 (again) got all the way to #14 before realizing my mistake, then turned and ran straight to #9 - straight through that pleasant patch of greenbrier.... arghh..
10. left of line to powerline, then along edge to green
11. straight and clean
12. +00:10got a little left and into the green after crossing powerline, but quickly evaded the crap
13. trail to bend and in
14. been to #14 twice now - finally got to punch it...
15. hard as I could up the hill in the field, slowly pulling away from some of the people around me
F. more pulling away.... I felt physically good the whole way just made a couple of boneheaded mistakes. I haven't done much racing in the past 18 months, so I guess I'll chock it up to being rusty...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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