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Race Evaluation

2007 USOF Convention and Colorado 5-Days: Day 2 Green A


2. +00:40If control circle had been cut I might have felt more secure about where I was; left edge of circled disguised a reentrant!
3. +01:00Should have just run the trail around. As it was, I cut up the hill early but then dropped down too early and had to figure out where I was.
5. +02:30I thought there was more climb on the beeline route so I went more east to skirt the cliff line. Then I ended up on the wrong spur and had to climb down and up. D'oh!
6. Long slog...
7. Easy control, but another slog.
8. Took the high route up near the road. Didn't stop to drink because I had my Camelbak.
9. I liked the downhill run to the depression!
11. And another uphill slog. Blech.
13. Was this control really necessary?

Total Time Lost - 00:04:10

Split Analysis

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