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Race Evaluation

: Houghton's Pond Motala


1. Map order was B-C-A. After having completed B and C, and seen a handful of finishers, I left for my 3rd loop. Where to attack from? I noticed the cliff outside the circle, and slogged up.
2. Continued to the trail, to be safe, leaving due N of flag at the equidistant boulder trio that I had noted on an earlier leg.
3. +00:30Straight, but managed to drift R so that I circled beyond the small knoll before reaching the boulder.
4. On this, the 3rd of 3 visits to the 312/317 pair, I was determined to check the code first to punch the right one. I noticed 317 that I didn't want as I went by.
5. +00:45To trail, came in from a bend, using the index contour as a handrail. I could not interpret the contour just above this one because the red line crossed it, obscuring one of the edges. I thought it was two disjoint arcs, and got confused in the woods. The reentrants look plausible, but the visibility was poor. I was one reentrant short.
6. Straight. Rolled an ankle.
7. Finish, at last! Phew. Thanks for Peter Amram for setting a challenging course in such a small area.
8. Start of race, following Siobhan #10...
9. ... and #11, but she's off the front soon.
10. +08:30Major walkabout here, loss of contact. Required >1 attempt to relocate from nearby trail.
11. Grr. Controls 317 and 312 confused me greatly. I punched the wrong one of the two first in 2 out of the 3 encounters.
12. Trail to Jct, through the sliver of white, doglegged in the open area.
13. Pia (on her 2nd loop) went straight; I contoured.
14. +01:30Error leaving #15. Intended to run due WNW to paved, instead dropped through the rocks to the trail.
16. Left trail where stone wall diverged.
17. +01:00Up through the wide reentrant, but then got confused and went first to the wrong cluster of boulders.
18. +00:30Second of 3 encounters with 312/317, and once again managed to punch the wrong one first.
19. Overshot to trail, relocated on the spur abutting the trail, and then back to the rocks.
20. +01:00Misread the clues, and thought was looking for a cliff (#24, code 323) among the huge boulders. After bouncing between the two clusters of huge boulders, I read the clue correctly, and found the flag.
21. +00:45N to trail, cut in once again from the jct through the sliver of white, and dropped to the cliffs. Probably should have stayed low.
F. Rocky, green reentrant was nasty to cross.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:30

Split Analysis

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