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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Green - Day 1


3. +02:00Focussed on going straight up R stream having not paid enough attention to map. Stopped 50m beyond junction and saw problem.
7. +02:00Followed Bottle trail around to main trail. just as got to main tr, L calf knotted badly but kept going to run it out. But kept going on main trail as missed small trail. When main tr didn't turn as I expected, checked map and saw problem. Went straight off tr and up to bag.
8. +01:00Took trail down to beyond 2nd ridge, cut around green and along contour straight to bag. Hesitant going along, at first trying to decide on route (didn't trust getting thru green) and then picking out trail.
10. +03:00Left 9 to R along valley planning to turn and go over bare rock section. Missed it and just turned as saw marsh approaching. Went up and over, passing control that turned out to be Sunday's #7, dropping into mass of mt laurel in area that was supposed to be "rough open with trees" ? Couldn't figure location as dropped to bottom and then fought way thru to trail. Thought map was supposed to be perfect!
11. +01:00Climbed from 10 and ran down spur, across stream and up beside marsh. About to keep going when heard a noise to L. Woke up and saw stand of mt laurel ahead and realized bag was on other side of patch. Don't know what world I was in, but the green helped this time.
13. +00:30Hit trail and dropped down at curve but too soon. Saw bag to my L and slabbed along slope.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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