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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Rocky Woods: Blue


1. Trails past the go control. Then up to trail intersection, attacking from east side of pond. Dean punching up ahead, so I made up most of the 2 minutes on the first leg.
2. +00:20NNW to trail, to little trail bend, between the marshes, then through the gap and heading right for it but ... I couldn't see what was going on in the circle so I stopped on knoll just before the knoll? with the flag. Dean continued past me while I was stationary and got there first (along with a runner on red coming from another direction).
3. +08:00I wanted to get ahead of Dean and the other guy so I took off without looking at the map and I obviously wasn't going in the direction I thought because when I hit a trail, it wasn't the one I thought. Which lead to going the wrong way on trails, with nothing looking right, and a couple times I relocated incorrectly at junctions. Embarrassing. Total lapse in concentration. Took the wind out of my sails as I got back on track and trudged up the big hill.
4. Trail.
5. +00:45Around the marsh, and then I caught an indistinct trail, but not the one on the map. When I realized I was on the wrong side of the knoll (too close to the marsh) I was already past it and had to come back.
6. Straight.
7. Trails around to the north, cutting the corner at the end.
8. All trails around the west side of June Pond, attacking from due north of the control
9. Straight. Finally caught Dean again after spotting him 8 minutes on 3.
10. Attacking from the intersection. Missed a tad left, but spotted the flag, which wasn't really on any obvious feature.
11. +00:30Missed a bit right and checked out a boulder that I should have known was too low. Allowed Dean to catch back up, but I didn't see him again.
12. Went through the marsh (which was probably slower than going to the trail. Then sidehilled along the west side of the knoll and dropped down right to it.
13. Straight, and no real problem, but I walked most of the leg since it was uphill and rocky.
14. Straight. Was going to go between the knolls, but terrain looked better going over the first knoll.
15. Straight, just right of the marsh.
16. +04:00Plan was to go north around the first marsh, then through the gap and around the second marsh. But I missed the gap (even though I went through it on the way to 2), and found myself south of the control and confused. Figured it out, but only after wandering further south and had a ways to come back.
17. Pretty straight, attacking from where the reentrant meets the trail due north of the control.
18. Straight. Maybe got a bit too low where the running was crappy.
F. Fun course. Too bad I wasn't up for it, mentally or physically.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:35

Split Analysis

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