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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Rocky Woods: Blue


1. Across the swamp on the trail, the straight up the hill to Notch Pond, attacked from the trail bend at the east tip of the pond.
2. +00:30No problem getting to the right vicinity, and found a knoll that looked like it should be right, but no flag. Turned around and saw it on another knoll a short distance away. The code was right, so I punched, but things didn't look right, particularly the giant rock pile thing right next to the knoll, that I couldn't find on the map. The most likely explanation is that I was somehow turned about 90 degrees, but things on the map don't look like what I remember from the terrain.
3. John Fredrickson arrived just behind me, and I saw him off to the side on this leg. Went pretty much straight at this one, including going over a very rocky hill about halfway along that probably wasn't necessary. Coming down the back side of it, I got my foot caught between two rocks and pitched face-first into the terrain. Specifically. I did a face plant onto a big sharp-looking piece of granite. Another half-inch and I almost certainly would have broken my jaw, but as it was, I suffered no ill effects. Don't know whether John or I arrived first.
4. Down the spur, which probably wasn't very fast, but it was very scenic. John arrived from the south right after me, presumably having taken the western trail.
5. Managing to run parallel with John, maybe picking slightly better lines through the terrain.
6. I contoured left, John went to the ridgetop, and I never saw him again. Lost a few seconds in the thick stuff before the control.
7. Trail route to the right, north of Chickering Lake. Managed to keep moving pretty well going up the hill.
8. +01:00Basically straight at this one, but at the end I drifted left in the flat area, and turned around when I saw a hill in front of me. Saw the boulder as soon as I looked back — I had been very close to it, but didn't see it in the young pines.
10. +09:00Oof. Went basically right to it, though the map seemed kind of shaky. Wasn't sure what the control description was talking about: "southern reentrant", since I had circled a spur. Didn't see a control in the nearest reentrant, so I wondered if maybe I was in completely the wrong place, and went west to the trail to relocate. Everything checked out, so I attacked more carefully from the trail junction, and wound up in the same area. Drat! Back to the trail again, and went around to attack from the SE. Made sure of the features, headed up the hill, and... Same place! But this time I spotted the control in some vegetation off to my right, on... what? A spur? On nothing? Sure looked like nothing. Later, at home, looking at the map with a magnifying glass, I see a slight wiggle in the contour that I gues could be considered a reentrant.
11. +00:20Left the control too far to the right, but corrected easily when I saw June Pond appear to my left instead of my right. Overshot the reentrant by a little bit.
12. Left around the hill.
16. Snaked around the marshes successfully, got to the bare rock, had to read the clues to figure out which side to look on.
17. Straight, just above the quarry.
18. Straight.
F. Straight over the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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