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Race Evaluation

DVOA A-Meet (Interscholastics): Sprint


1. road, trail, to rootstock.
2. +00:03woods seemed very open, stayed in them even though trail was only a few meters to the side. Hesitated for two or three seconds when I was close before spotting the control blocked from view by a large (unmapped) tree.
3. straight...
4. a little right (seemed like a thicker area on the direct line extended a little farther right than mapped), picked up the trail to the right side of the ditch.
5. pretty direct. figured if I missed the control (hidden in a small depression), I'd hit the trail just beyond it and bounce back. But, i hit it ok.
6. +00:03should have hit the trail immediately... started thru the woods, picked up trail then along and across stream. Peggy Dickison beat me by 2 seconds, which is a second or two less than I spent keeping my feet fairly dry instead of plunging thru a calf-deep crossing.
7. SSE, hit trails right at junction, SE trail for a few steps then direct thru very open woods.
8. woods were very open - direct
9. took the left side route, cut north to the clearing once it was visible. I initially though the right side would have been faster, but looking at it now, I think it is a toss-up.
10. +00:02pretty straight, a second or two hesitation.
11. back to the trail, first left to the open field. Almost hesitated because the control was behind the one mapped large tree & there were several trees on the ground, but I forced myself to keep running to the one that best matched the mapped one & the control was there. Good decision.
12. Tired
Taking time to look around at everyhting visible from the start area (before starting) definitely paid off. There were three controls in close proximity & it was worth noting where they were. Only one was actually used & it was hidden behind a tree from the direction of approach. So KNOWING it was there was a plus & I ran straight to the tree without being distracted by the deceptor controls.
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:00:14

Split Analysis

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