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Race Evaluation

DVOA A-Meet (Interscholastics): Blue - Day 2


1. +00:30Really tired from Saturday so my goal was to try and keep moving and not die. Started off really slow. Couldn't find the start triangle. When I did I screwed up by thinking I was looking for control 2 description (veg boundary). Pulled up a cliff short because I wasn't paying attention and there was a control there, then went to the control by the reentrant. Finally went to the correct control
2. straight
3. Straight, hit the trail junction and cut down to the control. Passed someone just before the control which was about the only person I saw on the whole course.
4. I took the left trails. Lower trail was faster.
5. Went back up to the upper trail.
6. +00:20Los time. I swung north to get to the field in the final bit.
7. straight, cut acros woods on trail to field by the #7 then cut back in to the control. I am already starting to get slow.
8. +02:00Lost all my time in the control circle. I was a little bit right and went up the stream to far. I was beginning to think the control description was wrong and the other really visible control was ours. I think it is poor to put two controls that close together. Finally came back down the stream and there was our control tucked into the ditch.
9. Straight. Was drawn off by the other control on the way. Passed Sam Listwak and some other person.
10. Straight to field. Field to trail. Trail to stream crossing then up to the field. Field back into the woods to the control.
11. Straight.
12. +00:30To bridge. Day before I had come across the marsh and gotten all wet. This time I said I would take the trail and stay dry. The trail went into a pond so I did the worst thing and went back across the marsh.
13. Took the field around to the right.
14. +01:00Left 13 going northeast. Then straight.ditch was lower than I expected and I pulled up about 10 m short. Didn't see the control or ditch. Turned right and went up the hill, then came back down.
15. left to the field.
16. Climbe immediately back to the trail. Ran trail around both reentrants which wasn't the quickest way.
18. Ate my power gel at the control and drank water.
19. +00:40Leave 18, I wasn't sure if I had punched so I ran back just to be sure. I am tired and stupid at this point.
23. almost suckered in to running on the wrong side of the fence but didn't.
26. +00:02Trish strat blocked me out at the go control.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:02

Split Analysis

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