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Race Evaluation

DVOA A-Meet (Interscholastics): Sprint


1. Stayed on the road rather than save the 10 feet cutting the corner in the grass. That allowed me to look over the whole course without worrying about tripping on something.
2. Straight. Was getting a bit anxious because I didn't know what I was looking for. The feature was some sort of stand, but it was hidden behind a tree, so I didn't see it until I was about 10m away.
3. Picked up the trail at the bend.
4. Ran straight towards the reentrant on the far side of the stream and used that to find the trail right of the line.
5. Down the spur, using the reentrant as a handrail. Didn't see the little path from the stream to the control on the map or the ground. Didn't matter - I spotted the top of the control stand peaking up above the depression while I was still on the far side of the stream.
6. Trail across the stream, then following the stream and picking up the trail again.
7. About this time it occured to me that I had a good run going, so I should take a risk and run the most aggressive route. Went straight at it, spotting the trail junction NW of the control and used that to adjust my line.
8. Aggressive again. Went straight, figuring I'd spot the stream bend S of the control to fix my approach.
9. Took the left trail and cut the corner to the field. The right one might have been faster, but this way seemed quick enough.
10. Straight, staying out of the thick stuff.
11. Thought about going straight since I'd run through this same patch of medium green in the model event and found it to be OK. Decided to keep my speed up and went around to the left.
12. Straight - the map shows that you have to go left to get through the fence, but I could see that more of it was down so you could run straight.
F. Uphill run-in. I decided not to sprint since I had 13K the next day.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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