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Race Evaluation

DVOA A-Meet (Interscholastics): Blue - Day 2


1. +00:20Probably spent close to 20 seconds trying to find the start triangle. After that, I ran the leg fine.
2. +01:00Contoured and wound up missing low. Turned back when I saw the bridge coming up on the stream below.
3. Split analysis says this leg was 30 seconds slow. I don't remember any problems. Maybe I just got hung up in thorns.
4. Down the spur to the low trail.
5. Trail route to the left. Thought about cutting through to to the lower trail, but it looked nasty.
6. Trail. A bit of hesitiation when I got to the top of the hill - the trail junction wasn't quite what I expected.
7. Through the field and then picking up the trail right on the redline that goes to the right.
8. +01:30Ran this leg fine, but decided to cut in straight from the field corner rather than take the trail down to the stream. That was a slower approach because the stream bank was really steep. Then, I had some trouble reading the map (a bit too much detail and I didn't have my maginifier). Lost 30-40 seconds standing 20m from the control trying to read the ditch/stream detail on the map.
9. Straight, got suckered by the other water control, but didn't lose any time because it was right on the way.
10. Basically straight taking the trail through the woods and then attacking from the field above.
11. Straight. A bit slow going down the spur because I didn't want to miss low.
12. +01:00Took a pretty stupid route on this one. Crossed at the bridge and then cut through the semi-open to the field on the left. If I wanted to use that field, I should have just crossed the stream right below the control (the meet notes said the crossing points were just suggestions, not mandatory). At least the approach was fast and easy from that direction.
13. Went slightly right of the line to get faster running and hit the main trail. Then took the small trail and contoured into the control. Might have been faster to retrace my steps into 12 back to the N/S trail. My split was pretty good on this one, so I don't think I lost much, if any, time with my route.
14. Probably my best leg of the day (2nd fastest split for this leg). Ran it fast and accurately. Stayed right of the line to use trails through the woods.
15. Took a few seconds at the control to make sure that the light green on the left route was OK. It was, so I went that way.
16. Ran along the bottom until I got to the E/W trail. There, a fallen tree blocked the low route, so I contouted in from above. Slipped and went down hard on the muddy slope by the control. Didn't get hurt, but I sure was covered in goop.
17. Basically straight.
18. Stayed up on the spur leaving the control to get faster running to the bridge. Picked up the small trail through the thick stuff. Went left of the pond running through the field, but it was all fast, so I doubt I gave away more than 10 seconds. Took the trail left of the line into the woods and contoured over from just beyond the major trail crossing.
19. Crossed the stream at the first place it looked fast to do so, then straight.
20. Straight.
21. Passed several folks on different courses through the field. Took the trail to the right into the control.
22. Went left to take the trail out of the woods. Kinda dumb since the woods were going straight out to the field. Cut in at the little house where a small crowd had gathered around a girl with a sprained ankle. She was crying a lot, but the situation appeared to be under control so I kept going.
23. Straight down to the big trail then out to the fields left of the line. Started running harder here and was surprised at how much was left in my legs.
24. +00:20Bobbled the appoach a bit. Crossed the stream exactly where I intended, but picked up two unmapped rootstocks on the other side about 50m from the control. From there, I could see the control behind me, so fairly minimal loss.
25. Straight.
26. Slightly left to get the trail break out of the woods.
F. Good run in (my legs were fresher than they should have been). Mama and Baby-O were there to cheer me on.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:10

Split Analysis

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