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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI: Brown


1. Saw bag through green
2. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Weaved back and forth, checking various knolls; should have followed stream up to reentrant with control
3. Did not plan ahead
Bad compass work
Left #2 NE; distracted by another control flag on hilltop near bay; should have left #2 SE and run over big spur to large reentrant containing my hill.
4. Confused parallel features
Counted reentrants on way to #4; failed to see final gully (too far uphill) and went beyond control, went uphill, found #5 and worked backward.
7. Tired
Alex Kerr passed me on this leg - so I followed him down road run to parking lot, up my hill, trail run cross reentrant, up final hill, distracted by Red control, and in.
8. Very tentative; considered going out to road, but finally went straight at hill and found it on first try.
9. Bad compass work
Left #8 going SE instead of NE, so I stayed high and avoided 3 big reentrants. But lost contact. Took trail run, through parking lot, semi-open, trail...
11. Tired
Falling-down tired

Total Time Lost - 00:16:40

Split Analysis

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