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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI: Brown


2. Tentative in this section.
4. Here I ran a little too far to the east, and was caught by the stream. It took some time to think through where I probably hit the stream at, so I could devise the next step. I figured that I was still north of the bag, and the ditches were lining up, so I ran up the ridge side a couple of contours, then contoured along to the SE until I hit the ditch with the bag.
5. A saddle. Saddles are one of my favorite features.
6. Tried to follow the high ground on the ridge, which looked like would dump me out in the ditch with the bag. I veered to the left too early, and came up one ditch short. After a short investigation, I hopped over the little spur to the correct ditch.
7. I beat my goal pace on this long leg! I ran trail and road until the second parking lot, then up the spur and westerly. I saw the four-fingered ditch system as I passed in to the north. I checked one bag that was not my bag, then went a little farther west and found mine.
8. I had a hard time reading the technical terrain here. I tried to follow the seasonal stream to the south, but then slowed way down in the complicated terrain. I kept thinking that I had gone too far, but I finally found the bag as I continued south and east.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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