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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI, Day 1: Blue


1. Routes. Took it easy to the first control as it looked like it might be tricky. Hit it cleanly.
2. Again, careful but clean.
3. Started pushing harder here. Used the erosion gully on the near side of the reentrant as an attackpoint.
4. +00:20Went left, which was dumb. More climb and thicker vegetation. At least the approach was easy.
5. Really good leg. Was comfortable with the map so I hammered it. Ran about half a contour off the top of the ridge so I could stay in contact with the reentrants.
6. Fairly straight. Just a bit left of the line on the approach to get better running.
7. Straight. Slowed down a bit to stay in contact.
8. Just right of the line to stay in the open woods. Picked up the pace again.
9. Straight. The patch of light green before the control was pretty distinct, so I ran in along the right side of that.
10. +02:30Kaboom! Ran to the wrong field, not seeing that there were two of them. Spent about a minute figuring out why nothing was working and then another 90 seconds running back to the control. Went right by 11 in the process.
11. Had fastest split for this one - I should have since I was just retracing steps.
12. +00:20Missed low. Several speculated that 11 might have been hung too low. I'd buy that, although I don't think it was off by much.
13. Went a bit further left than I meant to. Crossed the big reentrant about 50m below the ditch junction rather than at it. Adjusted and went into the control cleanly.
14. Straight. Careful.
15. +01:40Tried to read the contours but it was really complex. I would have been better off just taking a bearing. Missed right. Wil Smith came into the control at the same time.
16. Straight. Pretty much ignored the detail and just used the ditch on the far side of the reentrant as a catch. I got to the control a few seconds ahead of Wil.
17. +00:30Got a bit right and found the hillside difficult to stay in contact with. Staying down by the stream for longer would have been easier and required less map reading. Wil was left of me, but overran the control.
18. +00:20Thought I found a fast path through the woods (which were a bit thick going down the hill). Didn't realize it was pushing me quite so far right. Got to the control about 20s behind Wil.
19. Straight.
F. Straight. Didn't sprint too hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:40

Split Analysis

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