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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Middle - Blue


1. Once I flipped the map over I took a bearing and started running. Was originally planning on going straight at first but then decided to go high about halfway to the point.
2. Again I did not really plan before I took off for the trail to the north. Ended up drifting left and hit the cliffs to the W of point 2. Was able to relocate pretty easily, but it cost me time.
3. Going to three was pretty straight forward, just followed the rock wall down into the woods and the point was right there.
4. Tried to cut as straight as possible on this one using the rock wall intersection as an attack point. Got poked in the eye with a stick on the way, possibly scratched my cornea.
5. Was able to go pretty straight to the point.
6. Tried going south on the trail and cutting in at the rock wall. Didnt see it and kept going for probably 200m which was dumb. Finally decided to just cut straight through upon returning, which is what I should have originally done.
7. Thought the clue sheet was saying manmade feature. Must have run right by the root stalk. Was able to relocate off of the cliff to the E of the point.
8. Ran to the cliff band and went low. Point was right there.
9. Switched it up and went high this time, which was a mistake.
10. Ran straight to the point.
11. Made a massive error here on the parallel cliff band to the NW.
12. Straight forward. Tried going high, but ended up slipping down to the bottom of the big reentrant anyways.
13. Straight forward. Used the clearing as an attack point.
14. Messed this up. Missjudged the distance to the point and that it was past the finish. ended up getting 25m away from it and turning around.
15. straight forward
16. straight forward
17. straight forward
18. cut through the dark green, which was not that bad.
19. Just took a bearing and ran. Got tired and slowed down and the cliff was right there.
20. Tired.
F. Go control. Tank beat me. Need to speed up next time.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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