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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Middle - RedX


1. +07:50Near-perfect bearing, found other control, misread map and thought I was halfway to where I actually was, veered off the others who continued seconds later to my control. Oops.
2. I had found 2 on my way to 1, so that was easy. Still slow though.
3. +14:40Me and someone else tried to race each other to the control. That trick NEVER works, Rocky. Got lost, finally found the lake and re-attacked. Got it easily. argh.
4. +08:00Took wrong bearing, found the wrong small cliff, walked for too long before deciding I was in the wrong place. But did figure out my location and re-attacked.
5. Tried to aim for the small lake. Ended up right on the control instead. Lucky mistake.
6. I honestly don't remember how I did it... Middle-of-the-pack time, too.
7. +04:00Went north instead of east. Ended up finding two other controls before I read the map right and went up the ridge to mine.
8. Good run up along the cliffs, easy peasy.
9. Go West! Kept looking for the rise, and headed to the break for the reentrant.
10. Quick bearing, off we go. Without counting paces, I felt I was near, looked around, saw it 100m to my left.
11. south... south... south... east... bing!
12. Quick bearing, go go go, careful on the cliffes, head for the top, and around.. more around... even more around-there it is!
13. +02:00Up the stream bed, then dry bed, trying to keep a bearing. Got lost when near, nearly found 14, saw people moving as if away from a control. Go back, got it.
14. Slow up the hill, keep looking, past the clearing.. hey!
15. Through clearing, past another control, keep south til the rise, turn right, there it is!
16. Back to path and flurry of runners, find one at a cliff.. check map, can only be... this one! down and south, and found it!
17. Back to path, follow to clearing, look left. Bang!
18. Up, up, but not too far right, make sure not to end up already on the chute and have to backtrack. No, got it perfectly!
F. ZOOM down the loose rocks! Almost the fastest time.

Total Time Lost - 00:36:30

Split Analysis

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