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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007, Day 1: Long Sprint


1. +00:45My warm-up consisted of strolling Max from the parking lot to the start and part-way back. Valerie Meyer took pity on my and offered to watch Max while I ran. Peggy was out putting-up controls for the next day. At the start, I had a terrible time reading the map. The purple blended-in to the map for me. I knew where people were going but didn't want to leave until I could see the control. As soon as I did around 30 seconds later, I took off running well and caught an older runner before the field. I missed by going to the cabin one to the left first.
2. +00:20I took off well. I thought I was cutting left a bit to get around some downfall and either over-corrected or just had a bad bearing to begin with. When I reached the road, I knew instantly that I was far to the right. I corrected coming back to the field.
3. As I left this control, a younger runner who started behind me saw me leaving #3. He had made a similar error but because of me, he was able to correct earlier. I hit #3 pretty well. The 3m contours were confusing me a bit. I hadn't seen any course notes. I was already getting tired approaching #3; a sign of how badly out of shape I'm in.
4. +00:40I used the road leaving #3 and was inclined to be more to the left. I forced myself back into position. The kid I'd seen while leaving #2 was trying to get ahead of me to my right. I took what I thought was a better line to the left, away from the downfall and somewhat nearer the lake. I might have seen #7 in doing this but didn't check the code. A little further, I got confused and went all the way to #6 since that was on the line from #3 to #4. In doing this, I climbed unnecessarily. Seeing the code at #6, I corrected by crossing the reentrant and using the road to get to the control.
5. Straight there w/o the road.
6. A bit to the left to get around the downfall. I knew what to look for since I'd been there before.
7. +00:20I had trouble judging distance. I crossed the first gully but wasn't sure about it being a gully since it wasn't that deep. I read the downfall well but was still inclined to stop at the rootstocks to make sure it wasn't on any of them. I can see now after the race that the control was a reentrant but in the field, it didn't seem like there was one there. I almost didn't go to the control because I thought it wasn't mine. Time lost for heistation and checking the rootstocks.
8. +00:40I went fairly straight but was a bit surprised to find myself close to the water at the power lines. I crossed the reentrant before #8 and just ran to the general direction. On the run, I couldn't read that the control was a cliff, nor could I see the orientation. I crossed the cairn and being brain dead, I didn't read the map. Going on, I stumbled into the control based upon the relationship to the reentrant. Just as I did, Samantha Seager caught me.
9. Samantha lead toward #9. We went straight.
10. Samantha took off first but slowed inexplicably. Perhaps she was saving strength for the WRE the next day. I passed and got there first.
11. +00:05Once across the bridge, I cut back. I hadn't read the map well enough to grasp the details in memory. I pulled up short to check the reentrant right before the control. Samantha passed and got there just before me.
12. Samantha lead going straight. Another guy was trailing us and started to pass. I would have run past it but Samantha saw the ditch to my left. It wasn't what I was expecting to see at all. The other guy turned much later and fell behind.
F. Not running too hard and feeling not so good.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:50

Split Analysis

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