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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007, Day 1: Long Sprint


1. +00:10Went too far left in the green stuff.
4. +02:00It seemed to me to be a good idea to go all the way around on the road to the left. However, somewhere near the semi-open ground with the bigger building in it I changed my mind and started going straight. Wanted to avoid the climb and ended up in the dark green with all the fallen trees. Lost a lot of time on indecision and on getting stuck in the green...
6. +00:10Did not immediately see the building with the control.
7. +02:00Went way too far to the left (too high), ended up in the reentrant with stream in it. Did not realize how high I was and while going down and south I almost reached the reentrant with the dry ditch/gully in it. Then almost went to the sharp corner of the lake and spent some time figuring things out.
12. +00:30Went to the finish, took my time to figure out what i had done, turned back and ran to the control.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:50

Split Analysis

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