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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007, Day 1: Long Sprint


1. I don't have my map so can't do a full description. I had seen which direction Tim Good started. He spent a long time figuring out where to go so I figured it was hard to find the start triangle. I was right. I started running and figured I could find the control on the map before I got there. I did.
2. Quick turn, just run to the edge of the field to the building. I could see the field but no building. There was just a small rock there. Guess what the control was the rock and control bag was tucked perfectly behind it.
3. Run the cabin.
4. +00:05Long leg, Decided to run straight and hard. Figured I could relocate as I got closer. Ran to the open/scattered trees fields and over the trail. I hadn't seen the trail on the map but it was going in my general direction. I should have gone more straighter.
5. +00:03I was slow leaving 4.
6. +00:03contoured around part of the reentrant. Ran around the far part of the building.
7. +00:30I just started running. Vegetation was a little thicker and I was planning my route based on where it was easier to run and didn't give any thought to where I was going. I hit the far stream and had to relocate back to the control.
8. +00:15Ran over to the area and was standing on the cairn. I knew exactly where I was but didn't see a cliff or a control. hesitated then dropped down and saw the small cliff.
9. It came up very quickly again.
10. I was at the control before I even know if it was where I was suppose to be going. I couldn't find the course on the map.
11. Along the stream to the farthest cliff and climb.
12. made sure I didn't climb and just run. I was approaching the control when someone else popped into it.
F. finish

Total Time Lost - 00:00:56

Split Analysis

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